Follow these simple instructions before coming in for your surgery

The night before:

  • DO NOT EAT ANY FOOD OR DRINK ANY LIQUID AFTER MIDNIGHT— this includes water, candy, lozenges or chewing gum; if you forget, your procedure may be canceled or rescheduled
  • Take any nighttime medications before midnight
  • Refrain from smoking the day and evening before surgery
  • Do not take any medications for diabetes; your blood sugar will be checked on arrival

The morning of surgery:

  • Shower or bathe to minimize the chance of infection
  • Avoid swallowing any water when you brush your teeth
  • If you are having hand or foot surgery, be sure your nails are very clean and free of polish, and do not wear any rings
  • If you are having facial surgery, do not wear makeup or eyeshadow
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes for comfort and ease in dressing after your procedure
  • Leave jewelry and other valuables at home
  • Bring your eyeglasses and a case for them, and leave your contact lenses at home
  • Children may wear clean pajamas and bring a comforting toy or blanket with them

Special Instructions:

  • Contact your physician immediately if you experience any change in your health before surgery—even minor elevations in your temperature, a cold, or a cough should be reported
  • If you suspect you are pregnant, please notify your physician